Historically, consultants have been a secretive group. Methods, contracts, processes all enshrouded in NDAs; non-competes, garden leaves, and a reluctance to share billing.

Our pandemic economy is changing all that.

With the exception of SaaS products, sharing was considered … risky. Today is a different story. With tens of thousands of consultants beached and clients reeling from the fast-changing economy, working together within our COVID reality can help consulting companies and individual consultants improve their incomes without losing client billing and loyalty.

RSS Consulting has put together a COVID-safe product offering that can complement withering incomes, all from the safety of your home office.

If your clients are honest, none of them fully trust their strategic direction. Many never have because they know it’s disconnected from reality or their organization itself.

So, why not offer them a strategic assessment?

With a simple web-based meeting over 2-3 hours, you will be able to give them a world class assessment of how well their strategy aligns with their goals and pressing needs such as immediate revenue growth, market share growth or protection, people issues and other critical areas.

And, we’ll do as much or little as you’d like, while you get the commission. 

If your clients want or need help to execute the plans that emerge from the assessment, once again, we can help, but only if you wish. That help – yours, ours, a combination of the two – might also include one of the hottest new SaaS apps to hit the market. It’s also one that as their North American Business Partner, we can pay a generous commission for 18 months and longer – think client contract lifetimes.   

We have a simple Teaming agreement, and a “Golden Rule” philosophy that covers everything from you “throwing something over the fence” to your full hands-on control.

To book a 15-30 minute virtual coffee chat with one of us, click here.

About the Author

Van has worked in over 30 countries helping large companies and small. Author, mentor, board member, CEO, and team leader have been some of his job titles, but his passion is helping businesses succeed through their own employees' efforts.

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