The RSS Journey

Know exactly where you stand based on a 47-factor comparison between your business & the leaders in your industry.

Our Journey package is scalable for most companies.

Costs are based on needs & scope.

Here's how it works...

A.  After we have a chance to understand your initial areas of interest, we’ll ask you to complete a questionnaire to help us prepare your assessment. (30-60 minutes)

B.  We’ll then take you through an input session, via Zoom, which will provide the necessary details to assess your business across its entire operation. The Journey Readiness Score (JRS) is a quantitative score that measures the readiness of a company to grow. The calculation determines the maturity of an organization across four primary capabilities: Strategy, Implementation, Money and People. 

This score is calculated by evaluating the procedural, structural and behavioral factors which underpin sustainable business growth. The assessment examines a business from a systems-thinking perspective with a set of dynamic, interconnected principles. To do this, 47 specific factors that exist in all businesses across different industries are analyzed. (2-3 hours)

C.  Within a few days, we’ll prepare a detailed report defining areas requiring improvement and a set of action plans to effect the changes. The JRS provides industry standard benchmarks to drive your decision-making and ensure that your day-to-day operations align with your strategic objectives.  For each action and for each statement level of each action, Journey ranks the impact of the Action in terms of seven Impact Values. When creating a recommended Next Best Step, we’ll use these values to determine which Action has a greater impact for a particular outcome. (2 hours on Zoom)

D.  To ensure that business as usual doesn’t overtake your plans to improve, we can guide and coach your designated Team Leaders and members to complete the activities through weekly Zoom calls. We recommend a 6-month coaching period to embed the new processes, activities and behaviors that will sustain change. At the end of the coaching period, we’ll conduct another assessment to measure the improvement. 

Journey's 7 Impact Values

  1. 1
    Impact to Profit
  2. 2
    Impact to Quality
  3. 3
    Speed to Implement
  4. 4
    Speed of Impact
  5. 5
    Risk if not Implemented
  6. 6
    Difficulty to Implement
  7. 7
    Cost to Implement 

The program costs are based on the number of Teams, members, coaching frequency and complexity of change. We will confirm actual costs once we understand your needs. 

You may cancel at any time after the initial assessment.

What they're saying about Journey.

"Journey gets to the issues very quickly and objectively and keeps emotions out – it prioritizes and calibrates those issues to enable an effective response."

"Allows you to become very specific and very tight as to where the opportunities are and help you improve the performance and lift the culture to make it a better business."

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