Most C-Suite Executives would expect some or all of the above elements addressed in their business’ strategy, depending the age or type of business. And most senior executives would agree that strategic execution is fraught with problems for a variety of reasons, including it being:

  • Unfocused or misunderstood
  • Interpreted in too many different ways
  • Embraced by the CEO or the C-suite, but nobody else
  • Regularly outdated

And perhaps the most common reason... the organization is not aligned with it.

Even worse is that those were all yesterday’s problems and the strategies developed just months ago – even yesterday – are out of step with today’s and tomorrow’s newer normal.

RSS Consulting understands the challenges you’re facing, and we have developed a fast, easy, affordable and no-risk approach to help businesses succeed. It all starts with “Journey,” a powerful, flexible assessment across the enterprise that generates data-driven strategy and execution. 

The Journey Readiness Score®, the most respected measure of operational maturity and the most proven predictor of growth, draws on an ever-growing database of business insights to help guide best practices. With Journey as a starting point, we help organizations of all sizes measure and achieve operational excellence, ensure process improvements, and promote financial, communal, and relational wealth.

Journey is much more than an assessment. It’s a process improvement platform that guides an organization to effective strategic implementation with specific tasks and actions for both teams and individuals, monitoring progress along the way. 

Even better, especially in these changing times, is the facility to re-assess the organization’s progress quarterly or even by function to ensure that you’re on course.

To learn more about journey, click here.

About the Author

Van has worked in over 30 countries helping large companies and small. Author, mentor, board member, CEO, and team leader have been some of his job titles, but his passion is helping businesses succeed through their own employees' efforts.

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