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Success Chain

Todd & Van are Great!

They walked us through one of their Journey mapping exercises for our strategy & it was a fantastic use of time & money (we identified our blind spots, figured out where our priorities are & shifted our focus to grow our business).

I HIGHLY recommend it.

Jason Whitehead

Founder @ SuccessChain

Our Mission

Unprecedented challenges & uncertainties in today’s economy demand unprecedented solutions -- which is what RSS brings to your business.

Combining 50+ years of expertise in traditional management consulting with the most advanced, revolutionary technology available, RSS provides the tools & talent to analyze your company’s strategic priorities, identify needed changes, and implement these changes.

In short, our mission is to make your company profitable & engage the full power of your employees... and we're able to do it at a fraction of the cost usually associated with management consulting.

How? We see what most of our competitors don't (think "Moneyball for business"). And like the movie, this allows us to deliver better results, consistently, at a fraction of the cost.

If you're an SMB, contact us to see if it makes sense to use our edge to sharpen yours.


The RSS Journey

In this "pandemic-normal" environment, most bets are off when it comes to "business as usual" strategy. Your market has changed and your workforce has changed.

Our Journey Readiness Score (JRS) gives your organization objective awareness of 47 core business actions required to achieve peak performance...

Management Consulting

Management consulting is only as good as the degree of sustainable results it achieves.  Clarity is key. Agility is key. The pride & understanding that comes from involving your people so that it's their victory helps a lot with sustainability but...

Most businesses don't have the time or money for lengthy & expensive consulting projects. We get that and our approach reflects it.

Management Control Systems

The "secret" of OKRs is out.

“When properly designed and deployed, they’re a vaccine against fuzzy thinking — and fuzzy execution.” - John Doerr

If seeing alignment & execution of your strategic objectives is anything less than crystal clear, it's time to remove the fog...

Featured Articles

2021 is uncharted territory. None of us have ever been here and even IF you’ve done a great job developing your strategy – and the capital IF is intentional – there remains the even more treacherous execution. RSS Consulting are not mind or tea leaf readers, but we have the experience and tools to help you navigate with more clarity and certainty.

Confident in Your Post-COVID Strategy?

These five future leaders all have unique talents and behaviors. It’s up to the leaders of today to help them develop and optimize their talents to achieve their full potential. In this article, you can learn how companies that practice talent optimization achieved positive business outcomes, even amid the COVID uncertainty. In February of 2021, The Predictive

The State of Talent Optimization

Most C-Suite Executives would expect some or all of the above elements addressed in their business’ strategy, depending the age or type of business. And most senior executives would agree that strategic execution is frau…

It’s Not Enough to Tick the Boxes

Historically, consultants have been a secretive group. Methods, contracts, processes all enshrouded in NDAs; non-competes, garden leaves, and a reluctance to share billing. Our pandemic economy is changing all that.

Signs of the Times

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